What is the tariff plan? How to choose the right access plan?

Tariff plan is an opportunity to choose the option of access to the course. When choosing a tariff plan you pay attention to the duration of its use, the number of accounts, the list of additional materials, etc. For more information on the benefits of tariff plans, you can find out in the article.

How can I get a Demo lesson?

For download Demo product for free lessons of the courses in the categories WeDo, EV3, WRO, please, add this product to the card and proceed to the checkout.
When checkout will be completed we’ll send the message with links to RCV software download to the your email address entered during checkout.
Login and password provided allows you to use this.

How can I know in which languages the course is available?

The table contains all courses and languages in which they are already available and in which they are expected. All special projects are present in a separate table. You can view the table by clicking on the button:

How to upgrade your plan without overpaying?

Considering your needs, we have improved the system of access to the courses.  Now you may easily switch from one tariff plan to another. If you bought one plan you can change it to a more profitable for you with a surcharge.

Can I use the product offline?

Yes, flexible adjustment is possible for corporate clients depending on the conditions of the classes. For details, please contact: dima@test.test.roboriseit.com

What is my account?

If you are accessing the Roboriseit course for the first time, a new account of the training center automatically created, containing your teacher’s account.You will receive a login and password to access the software in the letter, and links to download it and download additional materials for the course.

When you get access to the next course, than access will be open in the same account. Going into the software, you will see that the opportunity to choose the lessons of the new course.

In the case of the acquisition of the tariff plan of the Training Center, a new account of the training center is created, and in it – three teacher accounts.

What do I need to do to stop a subscription?
To cancel a monthly subscription, you need to write an email to: support@test.test.roboriseit.com. In the letter, you need to specify a subscription to which course you need to close. For a maximum of three days, your subscription will be close.
Currency. How to buy course if in the country the main currency is not dollars? How is currency conversion?
The payment system converts the cost of the course into the hryvnia, and sends this amount to your bank. Your bank converts this amount into your local currency and sends you a request to confirm the debiting of the specified amount.

What platforms support the RCV application?
WeDo 2.0
Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.7.3 or later
Android 4.4 or later
iOS 10.3 or later beta release on Apple TestFlight platform
Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.7.3 or later
Can I buy only instructions?
No, instructions are an integral part of the courses.
How many models can I build with PowerPack?

We use this pack of additional LEGO parts in XtremeEngineering course and in Robotics 3.0 curriculum set. So PowerPack allows to build more than 80 different robots

Do I need hi-speed internet connection for using your courses?

Each time you start the lesson on teacher’s PC it downloads from our server. It allows keep all lessons up to date. On this step low Internet speed leads to increasing time to start. But then you connect you students, local network will be use for sending lesson data to student’s PC. Due to this mechanics we extremly decrease internet traffic use. It even allows us to include a lot of videos in our lessons. When all students starts the viewing video, no hi-speed internet connection required.